counselling for adolescents and young adults

"ansprechbar“ in plain language

At "ansprechbar" you can get information and counselling on addiction and drugs.

For instance, on alcohol, cannabis or cocaine.

We can also give you advice and information on the subject of using digital media.

Like your phone. Or Instagram. Or your Playstation. Or computer games.

You can make an appointment with us.

It is all free of charge and confidential.

We have to maintain confidentiality: That means we are not allowed to tell anyone about you.

We also advise family members and friends.

For instance, a father, sister, child or friend.

People from all over the world and every culture are welcome here.

Our first talk will give us the chance to get to know each other.

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You can ask us anything.

You can also tell us if you are not coming to us under your own free will.

That's all right. It happens often.

You can talk to us about your problem with addiction.

Or talk to us about your feelings. Your anger. Your worries.

These things are often connected to each other.

Together, we will find a way to make you feel better again.

And what you can do.

You decide if talking to us does you good.

And if it does, you can have even more talks.